Finding Solutions

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a brick and mortar or an enterprise, we are always faced with HOW? How do I do this? How can I make this more efficient? How can I save money? So often it seems that there are so many more questions and so fewer answers. After a while it can get overwhelming. And to make things even more difficult, recall the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”! This is a ‘bad’ motto to live by in today’s business world.
We need to stay ahead, both technologically and in efficiency, if we are to be successful. So, the faster we can solve our HOW’s the more successful we can be.
So HOW do we solve the HOW? They say a man who does everything wears many hats. We too wear many H-A-T-S.
hatsHowever, our Hats represent How, Analyze, Think and Solution. We bring to you our many years of business development experience. IMA started as just that, business development with an emphasis in ones image. IMA is beginning of the word image. It is where it starts and it was our focus to build one’s image. Our goal was to get you to reach your “image of tomorrow, today”. Basically we wanted to help you reach your goal today, instead of weeks, months or years down the road. But as time went by, business development became more associated with business coaching. And although that is a facet of what we can do, it is not what we are. What we are is the way to finding solutions to your HOW’s.
Every business, whether large, small or even just one person, is constantly faced with HOW’s. We can’t know it all. Some are new, some old, and some we really don’t even realize are there. Our task, is to find the solutions to your HOW’s.
HOW’s are not always problems or issues at hand, they may simply be processes that we do every day. Sometimes without thinking about it. With that we may ask, How can I be more efficient or How can I streamline this process? But more often what we hear is “that’s how I was told to do it”. With today’s ever growing technology, there just might be a better mousetrap out there. And if so, why not take advantage of it. Remember that time is money and time better spent is money in the pocket, not down the drain.
Let us hang our HATS on your door.