Remote Office

Time is money, so if we can save time then we are saving money. Having the ability to work from home or out in the field is in demand and the demand is growing every day. And for every day that you think about it, and not do anything about, is another day that you could have been saving money and being more productive.

Creating a mobile office is not rocket science.  With some standard hardware and software, you or your employees, can be out in the field in not time. But here is the catch and probably the reason that many have not taken that step. Security. You have opened the door to the outside world. Leaving you home and/or office computers vulnerable to anyone who might want to get in. And that, we cannot have.

There a solution, and one that is both versatile and affordable to the home or small business.

  • Provide secure connection between your office and laptop
  • Provide secure connection between any computer and your office
  • Decrease the chance of any lost data by eliminating from your laptop
  • Centralized Network Security and Anti-Virus protection

Give us a call to discuss how we can get you and/or your employees mobile.