Don’t Buy NetTalk

A while back when the MagicJack surfaced, I purchased one. (First thing I ever purchased from a TV Infomercial). I was happy to say it arrived quickly and worked. The only problem I had with it was the annoying popup screen. I quickly found a way to stop the popup and all was well. Then I learned of NetTalk and their claim was that the device DID NOT require a computer and could be plugged into a Router. This made much more sense to me and from a practical standpoint was better suited as it did not require a PC for it to operate. So, I purchased one and was very happy with its operation. I also kept my MagicJack just in case and to take on the road. Since then, I have done my best to let everyone know about NetTalk. Friends, family, clients as it save lots of money.
Then one day my NetTalk stopped working, so I called TechSupport. I was told it was out of warranty and that I would have to purchase a new device. I spoke with a supervisor who listened to what I had to say and agreed to send a replacement. Although there was some confusion/issues getting the replacement device to work, it finally was resolved. Also, during this time, MagicJack came out with their MagicJack Plus which also no longer required a computer. Since they gave me a good deal to upgrade, I took advantage of the offer and did so. I received my new device, tested it and it worked just fine.
Then not within two months of getting my replacement NetTalk the device died. I spend two phone calls with tech support and they were unable to get it going. And their answer to me was that I was out of warranty and since they just gave me a new device it was not covered and my only option was to purchase a new device.
I called back to argue my case that the NEW device they sent me lasted only two months and the new device should be covered. I got nowhere.
Then I spoke with Customer Care and explained the story. I was told I would hear back from someone within 24 hours. And when that didn’t happen and I called back, I was told there were no notes in my file stating that I would get called back. I was then then quickly transferred to a Tech Support Supervisor. That landed me in at caller #46. So, I called Customer Care back again and tried to speak with a supervisor, and basically got the rub-off.
So, the moral of this story is that I no longer recommend NetTalk to Anyone. Any company that is that blind, does not deserve my support. So, go with the MagicJack Plus if you want an inexpensive and practical way to cut you phone bill. The other plus is that you can now port your phone number with the MagicJack Plus.