Are You At Risk?

Every network is at Risk. What we do to reduce the potential of that risk turning into a breach falls on you, me or the IT guy. Simply buying stuff of the shelf, or internet, and plugging it in puts us at risk. So, first we have to understand what it is we need to do. Educate ourselves on the various risks that exist and thus allowing us to make a better determination of what we need. Many of today’s risks are simply policies and procedures that we need to follow. But, unless someone with the right background tells you, how would you ever know. So, simply knowing and understanding today’s risks immediately gives you an upper hand and better lowering your Risk Level.
Your risk level is not a number between 1 and 10, it is more a matter of knowing where your network fits in the range from locked down to an open door. Most owners/operators rely on an IT guy or computer person to do the right things. This is your data, your livelihood at stake. Please do not rely on someone else for these decisions. YOU NEED TO KNOW and be able to make decisions for the safety of you company.
We have just launched or Network Vulnerability Assessment service. This is a No-Obligation service that is designed to educate you on your Risk Level. Our goal is to provide you the information, in terms that you can understand, about your network. What are its vulnerabilities and risks as well as explain, again in terms you can understand, how to improve. Ultimately, should it be necessary, we would like the opportunity to assist you.
Our NVA program is available to any business in the greater Tucson area. If successful maybe we can spread our wings a little further.
If you would like to take advantage of our NVA service, or learn more about what it can provide you, please click the link below.
Network Vulnerability Assessment