Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)

This was a problem that arose on a Win7 device on a large network. No other devices were experiencing the same issue. The device was connected to the Network, as it could ping other devices and could be pinged by others. The Network Status showed an active Local Area Connection yet, there was No Internet. While troubleshooting, the device would show Internet Connection was good, but it would shortly go offline. When it showed a connectivity, there wasn’t any.
I device was able to to ping any external (WAN) IP address, only DNS was failing. But, it was only failing on this device as all other devices behind the firewall were ok.
Using netsh and reseting proved to be no help.
The solution, and quite simple, was to simply ADD custom DNS Servers to the IP Configuration. I added a free service, Opendns:, And like magic it worked.