What is YOUR RISK Level?

ima_nva_frontWell, we would all like to think it is. But, how many of us really know? When was the last time you assessed your network and looked for holes or vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to disaster. We make sure our house, office and cars are constantly locked, but what are we doing about our networks. They too need to be checked and rechecked as the environment out there gets worse and worse. The good news is that we know how to check our house, business and car. The bad news is that most of us don’t know enough about our own networks to know what to do. Way too often we rely on someone else for this and that by itself add to your risk level. Continue reading “What is YOUR RISK Level?”

Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)

This was a problem that arose on a Win7 device on a large network. No other devices were experiencing the same issue. The device was connected to the Network, as it could ping other devices and could be pinged by others. The Network Status showed an active Local Area Connection yet, there was No Internet. While troubleshooting, the device would show Internet Connection was good, but it would shortly go offline. When it showed a connectivity, there wasn’t any. Continue reading “Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)”

Are You At Risk?

Every network is at Risk. What we do to reduce the potential of that risk turning into a breach falls on you, me or the IT guy. Simply buying stuff of the shelf, or internet, and plugging it in puts us at risk. So, first we have to understand what it is we need to do. Educate ourselves on the various risks that exist and thus allowing us to make a better determination of what we need. Many of today’s risks are simply policies and procedures that we need to follow. But, unless someone with the right background tells you, how would you ever know. So, simply knowing and understanding today’s risks immediately gives you an upper hand and better lowering your Risk Level. Continue reading “Are You At Risk?”

Is Your Network Support Solution Working For You, or Are You Working For It?

We just launched our Network Vulnerability Assessment program. It is a NO-OBLIGATION assessment of your Network. Find out just how at Risk You Are? Our goal is to educate those who take advantage of this service on what risks are out there. How vulnerable is your network. And with that solutions to tighten things up. I wish I could promise each and everyone 100% security, but we all know that that is impossible. All we can do, based on what we have and can afford is do our very best to secure our networks. Continue reading “Is Your Network Support Solution Working For You, or Are You Working For It?”

Don’t Buy NetTalk

A while back when the MagicJack surfaced, I purchased one. (First thing I ever purchased from a TV Infomercial). I was happy to say it arrived quickly and worked. The only problem I had with it was the annoying popup screen. I quickly found a way to stop the popup and all was well. Then I learned of NetTalk and their claim was that the device DID NOT require a computer and could be plugged into a Router. This made much more sense to me and from a practical standpoint was better suited as it did not require a PC for it to operate. So, I purchased one and was very happy with its operation. I also kept my MagicJack just in case and to take on the road. Since then, I have done my best to let everyone know about NetTalk. Friends, family, clients as it save lots of money. Continue reading “Don’t Buy NetTalk”

About That Time

This site is currently being updated to the new WP Twentyeleven theme. Please bear with us as accomplish this task. For those interested, we have found this theme to be great core theme especially when employed as a parent theme. Issue here is I spent many an hours getting the horizontal Navigation bar to work properly for the Solutions & Services branch that I have put off updating the plugins for a long long time. Now hopefully I can do away with the plugins. Continue reading “About That Time”

Monitor Just Won’t Go To Sleep

The other day I noticed that the screen saver marque was floating across my two 24″ monitors. That may not sound much like a problem but it certainly was as I don’t think I had ever seen the marque since I set it up. Why, because I have relied on the Power Management Settings to power down my monitors before the screen saver would kick in. However, it was no longer happening. Step one, close everything down and reboot. Continue reading “Monitor Just Won’t Go To Sleep”

Mobility and Security

With so many wanting to be mobile, the question always comes up on how do I secure my laptop while on the road? Do I need to purchase additional software since I am not behind the firewall at my office? These are both key questions. If you employ a Sonicwall as your office firewall, then you are protected and do not need any additional UTM software. It does require you to take a few extra steps (and a little time) while out and about, but, once done your laptop is just as safe on the road as if you were in your office.
Thus, utilizing a Sonicwall for your office, also provides you the same security when on the road or at home.